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3D work, Multimedia

My 3D modelling with 3DsMax

Nebula2/Mangalore 3d game engine tutorials

The page for the tutorials and documentation is here

JAVA work :

Some game applet game I made for trainning purpose Go to the page.

My linux work and projects :

GETD : A GTK2 for usb storage disk (no update for a while)

Dead project :

Here still downloading links from my deads projects. Some have no more need ( gsfdm ) others are now too old and I have no time to keep them up to date (namp)

NAMP : A video player for linux, gtk2 front-end to MPlayer

Gtk Path is a Gtk2 entry widget that take care of "path to file" manipuliation

GSFDM : Gnome internet downloader
GSFDM Brower plugin : Mozilla / netscape plugin for "trap" multimedia url to gsfdm
Gcrypt : Gnome interface to cryto devices, kernel 2.2

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