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  • Getd is a Linux Gtk2 app for usb storage disk easy managing. What does it have more than the other hundred of such soft ???? First, I made it, second, just plug the device, that's all. the fist time you will be prompted for some options, then it will automatically mount to proper place and perform requested operations - e.i. executing a command script like synch file between disk and hdd or dump pictures from a camera - by it's own. ... and it support crypted disk.
    Getd rely on kernel and regular external app. It doesn't 'play' at all with device or hardware....

  • 2005/03/29 : Release of Getd for kernel 2.6 postpone... Not only having to deal with kernel 2.6, now i have to fix huge part of the code that don't seen to fit with gcc ( 3.4 ) anymore !!!
    Current thought : Fuck off...... why did i switch !!! ( ok, i remember, my dvd burner ... )
  • Could have been a better new year : Issues with kernel 2.6 This week i thought it was time to move to 2.6 kernel. As an old Linux user I knew that were going to be 'fun'. Not surprisely there're lot of mess, starting with usb. Even I managed to get usb storage working, GETD doesn't see devices under kernel 2.6 so far.
    As usual, the kernel team changed the proc data, removing some vital informations for GETD.
    I'm overwork but since i need getd every day, fixing this is a to priority... if this is possible.
    BTW : You may have to manually modprobe sg and sd_mod, then manually mount your devices.
  • 2004/07/25 : new release 0.2
  • added fsck check before mounting ( ext2/ext3 ) BETA
  • now on startup detect when device is already mounter
  • removed close bp : useless : use window widget
  • added some support for Usb HDD
  • add new variable GETD_MAIN_DEV for script ex: GETD_DEV=/dev/sda1 GETD_MAIN_DEV=/dev/sda
  • added a refresh button : mount media without unplugging them ( hdd )
  • bug correction : added scrollbar for script text window
  • added lock file, prevent multiple instance
  • on startup check if all external app are installed...
  • bug correct : don't execute the umount script twice anymore
  • added the 'admin' page : force checking/repairing for ext2/ext3 and vfat
  • Know bugs...
  • BREAKING NEWS !!!!!! : I'm just aware some usb stick don't fit the regular device requirement for partition index, i.e. use part 1 ( sda1, sdb1... ) but instead behave like cdrom e.i. no partition number ( sda, sdb ). GETD can't mount then so far ; will try adding some code ASAP.
  • I can't read my crypted device anymore !! : this is a kernel bug who screw up with the key size. Check kernel crypto pages for further references ( and fix ).
  • Mandrake and devfs issues : There both great stuff, unfortunately, they're rely on hardware actually on your system, meaning the scsi device for the external storage disk are not created ! ( and wont ) : you cannot mount then 'by hand', therefore neither with getd...

  • The full html documentation is bundled with each archive, but you can read it on line : HERE.

  • There is no source anymore for any of my soft.
  • require :
  • Gtk2  >= 2.0
  • Orbit2 >= 0.5.3
  • Xml2 >= 2.0
  • Gconf2 >= 2.0
  • glibc >= 2.3.2
  • util-linux >=2.11r ( patched for cryto support )
  • dosfstools >= 2.10 ( vfat support )
  • 2efsprogs >=1.29 ( ext2/ext3 support )
  • Current 0.2 :
  • Getd 0.1 bin i586, BZ2 (224kb)
  • Getd 0.1 bin i586, TGZ (246kb )
  • Old 0.1 :
  • Getd 0.1 bin i586, BZ2 (224kb)
  • Getd 0.1 bin i586, TGZ (246kb )

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