Wait for the applet loading ( about 3min on a 56k ).

Tip : You may have to mouse click on the window to let the applet get the keyboard.
You don't have support for java applet. please update your brower plugin

Manual :
  • Left / Right arrows : Turn Left / right
  • Up arrow : Speed up
  • Down arrow : Brake / backward
  • Space : Fire ( up to 4 at a time... )
  • New live every 1000 points, if you survive long enough.....

    To play this game off line :

    Save this page...
    Save the game arch on the same location ( right click, save target as )

    then open 'asteroid.html' on our browser...
    or load in into java : 'java -jar asteroid.jar'...

    Art work, concept and programming © 2003/2004 j.a.l@Free.Fr