I was request for some java work, so here we are, my online java applet game. Have fun.

Source code on request, BUT ONLY for business / jobs opportunities

You may need to update to java 1.4. The plug will load by himself - at least with  mozilla.   If the process scare you : Microsoft is not involve at all, therefore it's simple and safe. I update a win2000 os without any problems.
You can download each games too - from their own pages - to play offline on Java.


The classic 80's game. I actually started a version in the 90's on a HP48 calculator !
The goal : Staying alive on the middle on asteroid fields.

Start !!

the game is twice bigger

It was a basic 3d study on lights and materials.
Though I had all graphics, just made the game on two days.
The goal : Remove all spheres

Start !!

the game is twice bigger

Art work, concept and programming © 2003/2004 j.a.l@Free.Fr